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Project Manager

Job Spec: Project Manager


  1. The project to re-create the historic diesel locomotive LMS 10000 is moving into the design and construction phase, and as this happens the need to keep a “firm hand on the tiller” increases.  Ensuring that design and build work is delivered on time and in the right order is critical.
  2. The IDRS are recruiting for a person who can act as a Project Manager for the design and build phase of the project.
  3. The role involves working with the management team, the engineering team, and possibly external suppliers to create a plan for the design and build, then managing progress along that plan and revising as required.
  4. The role would suit somebody based in any part of the UK.  Management meetings are usually held in the Midlands, or North West, and build will probably take place in the same area. 
  5. Estimated time commitment would be approx. 4 hours per week, plus occasional project meetings (usually at the weekend)


The successful candidate must have;

  • Internet access
  • The ability to work with design engineers,  operational staff and society managers to understand, plan, schedule and check progress on the design and construction of the locomotive
  • A desire and drive to make this complex project succeed.

The following would be an advantage;

  • A railway engineering background (Heritage or main line)
  • An engineering background.
  • Prince II or similar project management certifications.


  1. The Project manager will create a project plan detailing the known stages in design , build and certification of the locomotive. This information will come from a variety of sources including the engineering team, the management team and external bodies such as the Vehicle Acceptance Bodies (VAB).
  2. Risks and mitigation strategies will be identified.
  3. The project manager will work with internal and external stakeholders to put the plan into action, and track progress according to the plan.
  4. The project manager will be responsible for reporting progress to the management team at regular intervals and at project meetings.
  5. As deviations from the plan occur, re-planning and rescheduling will be required. 


The LMS 10000 team will fully support this role.  The management & engineering teams will work closely with the Project manager to provide information and project  guidance.

This role will be a critical one to the project, and the project manager will form a core part of the management team. It is an opportunity to take part right at the centre of this exciting project and demonstrate excellence to the project and outside employers.


No compensation is offered for this role, except for the satisfaction from being a key part of this exciting project to re-create LMS 10000.