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Health and Safety Officer

Job Spec: Health and Safety Officer


  1. The LMS 10000 ReCreation project is moving beyond the planning and design stage and into construction and operation.
  2. With this change, the need for the project to have a higher level of vigilance about Health and Safety of volunteers, the public and suppliers to the project, increases.
  3. The role involves identifying H&S best practice, and ensuring that the project moves forward safely and within the regulations that apply.
  4. As the project matures, this role may expand to include operational health and safety, working closely with the operations team to plan and control operations of the locomotive.
  5. The role would suit somebody based in any part of the UK.
  6. Estimated time commitment would be approx. 2.5 Hours per week plus occasional visits to management meetings (usually at the weekend)


The successful candidate must have;

  • Internet access
  • The ability to understand and identify risks, and to be able to bring them to the attention of the management team. To be able to plan effectively and put in place procedures to ensure safe working.
  • As this role is critical to the project, the candidate must be reliable, and capable of working independently.

The following would be an advantage;

  • An engineering background
  • Exposure to H&S regulations for engineering and Railways in particular.
  • Experience of railway operations.


  1. The H&S Officer will be responsible for working with the Project manager, the engineering team and the management team to identify any risks, and put plans in place to mitigate those risks.
  2. The  H&S Officer will monitor and track health and safety aspects of the project and report regularly to the management team.
  3. The H&S Officer will be responsible to working with external suppliers to ensure that their needs are met and their processes are consistent with good practice.


The LMS 10000 team will fully support this role.  The H&S Officer will form a core part of the management team and be fully supported by other members of the project.

As this role is critical to the project the H&S Officer will be an essential part of the project and should be able to work independently.


No compensation is offered for this role, except for the satisfaction from being a key part of this exciting project to re-create LMS 10000.