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Successful Purchase of a suitable chassis and components.

posted 8 Jan 2016, 08:55 by LMS 10000
I am highly delighted to pass on the good news that the IDRS have successfully purchased 58022 from DBS.

This locomotive has resided at Crewe for many years giving up many components for other locos over the passage of time.  In light of this and what condition the remainder of the locomotive is in, it was decided that this loco was highly unlikely to be returned to service by preservationists or by a TOC. With this in mind we inspected it for suitability for our purpose and put a bid in.

Many aspects of the purchase has kept quite a few of us busy over the Christmas Holidays, with arranging transport and suitable accommodation.

We are currently working on a permanent engineering base in which to undertake a safe, secure,  methodical and thorough strip down of the loco components, that require restoration/modification or disposal as per our drawings and work instructions. However in all reality it is likely that the loco will go into secure temporary storage for the meantime. Indeed we have much equipment including the  MK1 16SVT to move to the base before we commence careful strip down.  
More news on this soon I hope!

The purchase of the locomotive has been made possible by an "interest free loan" to enable it to be procured quickly and efficiently and without too much publicity, in light of this we will be launching an "Appeal" very soon to cover this purchase cost. (Ideas most welcome!)
To bolster this we will look to disposing the loco parts that are not required in the most beneficial way for the project build.

We know this news has been a long time in the making but without this fundamental component within our ownership, physical development was hampered to say the least!

With this news I hope we will recruit new membership and persons that want to become more involved with this exciting project, I know it would give us the greatest of pleasure in which to train and develop the skills of a generation that are finding it increasingly difficult to access "Heavy Engineering" or locomotive building as a career due to the ever decreasing facilities in which to do so within the UK.

If anyone is interested in getting involved with any aspect that you would be comfortable with please do not hesitate to get in touch with myself at

Finally we would like ot wish you all a "Happy and Prosperous New Year!"