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Meeting 27th January 2016

posted 28 Jan 2016, 11:22 by LMS 10000
Work is still ongoing with the movement of 58022 from Crewe to its short term storage location, by the time you read this 58022 should have been purged of all fluids ready for transport.
The meeting held on Saturday was highly constructive with a huge action list coming out of it. 
As promised meeting minutes will be sent via email to all members for your information. Once again many thanks from the IDRS Board Members for no unannounced attendees wanting a seat within the small meeting room.
If any of you have pictures of 10000 and 10001 in service or stored, that you took or you have property of, or you have any interesting stories to tell about them then please get in touch.
Also we would like to here from anyone that would like to be involved with the Project Team or volunteering to undertake the many "hands on" tasks we have ahead of us, before any re-engineering works can can be undertaken.

We will Issue the AGM Agenda with the next news report.