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Developments for 2016

posted 21 Jan 2016, 06:02 by LMS 10000   [ updated 16 Feb 2018, 07:34 by Andrew Hoseason ]
The IDRS Committee Members shall be meeting up at Derby this coming weekend to thrash out our strategy for the up and coming year.

This meeting has a very busy agenda, a small meeting room and limited time for "any other business" with this in mind I would like state that it is "By appointment only". We would not like to cause any offence to anyone turning up unannounced and having very limited seating arrangements for them.
In order to keep the wheels of information moving we will be sending out minutes of this meeting to all IDRS members asap post meeting.

We have organised an AGM on the 2nd April within the Derby Museum starting at mid-day until 1600hrs, that will include plenty of space, plenty of time for questions, suggestions and light refreshments. Also it would be wise to give yourself time to look round this gem of a Museum Archive.

In reaction to some of the feedback we have received our membership rates for the 2015 to 2016 period are as follows;

Life Membership = £500
One Year Adult = £20
Junior (up to age 14) = £14

If you require any correspondence regarding this project please sent to

We will be reviewing this coming weekend for the period from 2016 to 2017 along with other factors that will aid membership of the IDRS.
If you would like anything specific being brought up at the January committee meeting, please send an email to

58022 is still residing at Crewe, its remaining fluids have been drained. However DBS have quite a bit of shunting to do to release either of the class 58's there. We have obtained quotations to remove the loco by road and rail, we are currently assessing these on the grounds of suitability and cost to the Society. We envisage this move being undertaken very soon! 
Many discussions have taken place with "Interested Organisations" regarding our latest acquisition and the plans being developed for 2016.

Finally we would like to say a special thanks to all supporters and the members that have donated towards the project, renewed membership, offered  assistance towards the project. Without you the Project to rebuild The First Mainline Diesel and Electric Locomotive to successfully operate in Great Britain would indeed not be possible.
Again we would like to appeal to anyone who wishes to help with this project in any way they would be comfortable with, to get in touch.

 It is time for this diesel locomotive icon to gain the recognition that it deserves. Railway Preservation has reached a new era with certain "Lazarus" steam locomotives under construction, nearly all first generation diesel and electric locomotives represented with many fine examples preserved and running up and down the country. This locomotive can make its "Art Decor" presence felt again for a price that is becoming a reality for some mainline steam overhauls!