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70 years ago this month a major milestone happened in the UK railway industry.

On 18 December 1947, the LMS presented it's brand new mainline diesel locomotive number 10000 to the world.

The story.

Nine months earlier, the LMS had announced the intention to build and run mainline diesel locomotives. These would be groundbreaking for UK railways.

In April 1947 an agreement was signed between the LMS and The English Electric Company, to build 2 locomotives. EE would supply the engine and electrical equipment, and the LMS would build the frame body and the rest of the ancillary parts. The locomotives would be rated at 1600hp and have a design speed of 100 mph.

It must have been a busy time at Derby, to complete the first loco before the nationalisation the railways at the end of the year.

LMS 10000 was officially rolled out for the Press at Derby Works during the first week of December 1947. After only 10 days of tests, the locomotive was driven to Willesden on the 16 December. It was presented to dignitaries and the public at Euston station on 18 December 1947, alongside the latest coronation class pacific. It then made a demonstration journey to Watford and back.

Further testing took place over the next couple of months, with the loco's first revenue earning duties taking place in February 1948. It initially ran a round trip between St Pancras and Derby, amounting to 250 miles per day.

The Legacy.

The basic concepts of all UK diesel electric locomotives can be traced to this prototype locomotive. The lessons learned over the next decade would be put into  the design of the first generation fleets of production locomotives.

The future.

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