Welcome to LMS 10000, the website of the Ivatt Diesel Recreation Society. We plan to recreate, and operate,  the first British mainline diesel electric locomotive. The original was scrapped in 1968, scandalously cleared for the road to Clapham Museum by Derby men, but still declined, all before the preservation movement had taken notice of historically important diesel locomotives.

*** Latest News ****

1/11/2015 Engineers inspect Class 58s with a view to acquiring a frame DBS are disposing by tender the last frames in UK. This is an opportunity to beat the recession, lots of work to be getting on with. Any donations or help welcome. We, like many others in preservation, have had a difficult year. The engine is paid for, but with recession do you ask for large funds without definite ability to gain a frame? Some have left, and an AGM at Derby demonstrated the design well, but, unable to go further. Now we owe it to funders to move on the frame. Without your help and support at this stage we will have to hold our heads high and admit it can't go further. We will have an EGM shortly after the tendering process.  Over to you!

23rd August 2014:
(23-Nov-13)  We are now accepting donations via Bitcoin. Because Bitcoin has very low (sometimes Zero) transaction fees it allows donors to send small amounts (or Big amounts of course) in an efficient way, quickly and without having to deal with banks and post offices.

Bitcoins are stored in electronic "wallets", which act in a similar way to the one in your poscket, except that they have a unique identifier; Our wallet for donations is;   1Wb9mSwLUVgKBZiVjohqLHD4PxZVZ8KeX 

The only downside for bitcoin is that, as it is completely anonymous, we can neither say thank-you, or claim gift aid on the donations, unless you tell us separately by email. So, for large donations, we would ask you to contact us.

(20-Nov-13)  Our online shop has closed.

Want to help?  Email changed. dpayne77@btinternet.com
Can you spare just £2 a week?  See our fundraising scheme here.

Appeal Progress (Nov 2013)

  The Engine appeal fund has raised over £17,500 so far, but there are still a number of 'litres' to be sponsored at £100 each. We still owe money  for the engine, however that is to a member who made a loan to the project, so the engine is fully owned by the society now. We do of course, still need to pay off the loan, so continued donations are still very welcome.

Every £ helps the project move forward

You can sign up for our news  and announcements emails on facebook  https://www.facebook.com/groups/137936046302771/

Image by  Ben Brooksbank used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Genericlicense.

LMS 10000 and 10001 were the ancestors of all current British mainline diesel locomotives. Designed by H. G. Ivatt and built by the London Midland and Scottish railway at its Derby works in  1947, they proved many parts that are still in use on the British railways network today.

The society is a not for profit organisation, made up of volunteers with a shared interest in the recreation and operation of this historic landmark in the British railways story.

Ivatt Diesel Recreation Society, Registered Charity No. 1147032

LMS 10000 10001 Ten Thousand London Midland Scottish Railway LMSR Ten Thousand and one Ivatt twins d16/1

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